An anti-shock floor is the solution to avoid "fatal" injuries derived, in the context in which we operate, from falling from play equipment in play areas. In Italian Garden we provide all the types and diversity of materials contemplated and foreseen by the UNI EN 1176 and 1177 standards, however, it is precisely the height and the type of playful tool that determines which is the best anti-shock flooring to avoid children safety risks.

Using a triaxial accelerometer positioned inside a test head, we perform drop tests on bottom surfaces intended for impact absorption. With the calculation of the parameter HIC (Head InjuryCriterion - Criterion of injury to the head) at various heights, we determine the critical height of fall of the various materials. Only in this way we can be sure of installing the best type of anti-shock surface in relation to the height of fall. The lawn, in fact, is a surface accepted by law only for fall heights of less than one meter. In other cases, the options are: cast rubber, shockproof tiles, synthetic grass or natural materials such as gravel, bark and sand.


Rubber casting is the most technological and safe anti-trauma flooring for play areas. Our elastic paste colored rubber is made from a mix of granules of different shape and nature able to absorb  fall impact evenly over the entire surface. It is cast on site by our expert installers, able to create shapes, drawings and writings with millimeter precision.

The combination of two layers with different densities makes the rubber casting floor an antishock surface for any type of playground, from simple swings to climbing. The materials we use are non-toxic, easy to clean and resistant to atmospheric agents.



The anti-shock floors can also be made with rubber tiles. The plates are preprinted and in recycled rubber, available in different thicknesses and sizes.

Even tiles are made of highly elastic non-toxic rubber. Unlike rubber casting, a tiles floor has a surface with joints even if it is minimal, but it is perfectly cleanable and resistant to atmospheric agents. The safety floors made of anti-shock tiles are certified to standard and are installed on a concrete floor.


Synthetic grass floors are today a valid alternative to natural grass playgrounds. Easy to maintain, versatile for different environments and without the need for watering, synthetic grass flooring is the perfect solution for multisport areas, green areas, children's playgrounds and pool areas.

The synthetic grass we use in our projects is of the highest quality and with high technological performance, required especially in the sports field.



In our children's play area projects, we also install anti-shock flooring in natural materials, such as bark, sand and gravel without clay and sediment. The materials, in fact, comply with the regulations and are distributed in specific sizes to better absorb any falling shocks. Safety floors in natural materials are laid on tanks made on site and based on the established safety area. The tanks are isolated from contact with the ground by NON-woven fabric and surrounded by curbs of any material, shape or size.