For all the experts who design, plan and create play areas there is nothing more beautiful than developing safe, beautiful and suitable products for all children. Functionality and inclusion are two details that are always very important for us. Thanks to our imaginative layouts, creative color combinations and a design that turns every flooring into a play tool, Italian Garden projects are areas that enable experience and exploration. Our staff, with the help of latest generation techniques and programs, is able to design and bring your ideas to reality. The requests become a custom-made projects and develop into innovative, smart and stimulating play areas. This is where turnkey projects start from graphics to move from laying to maintenance. Italian Garden carries out great projects.

In our creations we use many different materials and we lay antitrauma flooring directly on site. Many dimensions, various surfaces, colors and designs that shape real landscapes. The result is play areas that are beautiful to look and, pleasant to live and long lasting. For many years we have been dealing with the design of playground areas for parks, sports centers and outdoor school areas, and our great strength is the care taken in each step of the realization. Our flagship product is the anti-shock flooring: unlike other rubber casting manufacturer, every single design or representation is made by our staff in rubber granules of various colors, without using sprays or covering paints that tend to exhale over time, until disappearance.


A playground is a place where every child must have the opportunity to express their imagination, the desire to have fun and relate to each other. Innovative play equipment, made with different materials, is the first source of constructive stimulus. The rubber casting in place, enriched with designs and colored themes, is a further impulse to the imagination. In our playground projects we take care of every detail to promote inclusion and fun. We use the latest generation of synthetic  materials to ensure the highest level of safety from falls, but also we create play areas totally in natural materials.



Our multisport areas are made of different materials, from rubber to synthetic grass. The projects can be turnkey. Indeed, we take care of every project phase, starting from survey. Than graphic idea follows, with the management of different types of playground: from volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball and paddle.


A school that looks to the future must provide durable, safe and stimulating solutions. Indeed, schools increasingly require outdoor surfaces suitable for children, whereby to play in a constructive, safe and inclusive way. To lower costs is essential. To design outdoor areas with rubber casting flooring, greatly reduces maintenance costs, because it’s easy to clean, resistance to wear and weathering. In addition, combination of functionality, technology and color, provides to children an alternative (to classrooms) environment  in which to make discoveries, play and have fun through settings and representations of great educational value.