25 years of experience in netting technology and 20 years of specific experience in "Herkules" ropes used for play equipment are linked to SMB.

Their  know-how is based on this experience.

State-of-the-art construction, experimental tests and inspections, the adoption of a "simple" and therefore robust technical solution, a group of employees for whom working responsibly is an absolute necessity, result in high quality equipment.

Quality, high play value, long life, low maintenance requirements and safety of use are values that they always keep in mind.

Pyramids with central pillar or trellis, skyclimbers, merry-go-rounds, trampolines, adventure routes are the SMB proposals that:

  • offer multiple possibilities of movement: climbing on a central pole or trellis, hanging from the rope, rocking, balancing, sliding, turning in circles and much more. Relatively few free fall heights are possible.

  • They promote courage, overcoming fear, determination to achieve a goal and risk and safety behaviour.

  • They promote mobility, strength, dexterity, fluency, the ability to react in individual and group actions, in competition or in games with rules.

  • influence social behaviour, e.g. respect for others, help, explanation of how to do something, communication with other children playing.

  • offer a play space for children, for young and old, for hesitant as well as for the brave.



Coated steel rope
The Herkules type product is a sector expression according to the VDO 2500 guidelines which describes the construction of a rope using steel wire and fibre materials.

The interior
consists of plastic or steel, this depends on the intended use.

The cladding
made with synthetic fibres that are pleasant to the touch such as polyamide and polypropylene.
By coating with multiple filaments it is possible to create a very robust, stress and wear-resistant surface.
The diameter of the ropes is based on ergonomic choices and varies according to the intended applications.
Choice of three 7 colours



Already in the development phase, the right material is sought for all forms of use with functionality tests.

The high quality of the materials used together with the correct workmanship and a well thought-out construction are the basis for the long life cycle of our products.


Wood components

Robinia wood is the hardest and most resistant type of wood grown in Europe and has resistance class 1. Robinia wood can therefore be used without further impregnation, which is ecological and plays a very important role in the area of children's play equipment. All our wood components are made of Robinia wood.

Applications: Pegs for mesh bridges and rope ladders



Polypropylene has the advantage over natural fibres such as hemp or coconut which shows excellent properties against acids, alkalis and solvents. Furthermore, it is non-flammable and has no susceptibility to mould and other micro-organisms that are responsible for the rapid decomposition of a natural fibre rope.

Applications: Jungle bridge application rope



aluminium castings are manufactured according to quantity and application in permanent moulds or sand casting. The required properties are achieved through specially coordinated alloys and subsequent heat treatments. For example, our aluminium ball nodes, which we use to hydraulically press the intersection points of our space nets, must have excellent deformation properties without the material tearing during deformation.

Applications: Ball knots and T-ties for rope crossing points Fixing clamps for room nets and climbing walls.


Temperated steel

Is used for highly stressed components, where the combination of high strength and wear resistance with toughness is particularly important. Subsequent hot-dip galvanising and powder coating provide unrivalled corrosion protection and durability.

Applications: Hollow ball node for lattice devices



Our steel cables are coated with a handy plastic fibre of polyamide or polyester.

Applications: All space and air nets.


Cylindrical springs

Spring steel has highly resilient properties compared to other steels.  These cylindrical spiral springs made from round wires of constant diameter have a linear characteristic. An eyelet is attached at the left and right ends to apply force. Our extension springs are manufactured according to the quality standards for cold-formed extension springs according to DIN 2097, grade 2.

Applications: Suspension of trampolines.


High strength steel

Wherever safety-relevant construction elements are important, we use components made of high-strength steel. For example, high-strength HV screws and nuts with strength class 10.9 and a large spanner allow a better use of screw strength than normal steel construction screws.

Applications: Fittings for lattice devices and special shackle connections for centre post devices.


Galvanised steel

Hot-dip galvanising is a metallic zinc coating that is permanently fixed to steel by an alloy. Zinc plating offers unparalleled protection against corrosion. The surface is resistant to impact and abrasion. Extremely durable corrosion protection is always of high quality in both corners and cavities.

Applications: Tie rods, shaft tube and shaft plate for central shaft pyramids. Anchorage frames for carousels and lattice devices Screws, nuts and connecting parts.


Galvanised and powder coated steel

The steel is blasted and roughened by sandblasting. Subsequently, flame spraying is carried out by passing a zinc wire through an acetylene flame and melting it. The subsequent powder coating in various RAL colours closes the sprayed galvanised surface and offers excellent corrosion protection. The powder is sprayed electrostatically and melted in an oven at approx. 180°C.

Applications: Hat rails, carousels, rope seats SIPA, citytore® and much more.



In addition to its low weight, the advantages of aluminium lie in its easy workability and long service life thanks to its corrosion resistance. After a long service life, the recycling cycle ends with professional recycling, which not only conserves valuable resources but also contributes significantly to energy savings.

Applications: Shaft cover for central shaft pyramids.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel refers to alloy and non-alloy steels which have a particularly high degree of purity. These are divided into groups of stainless steel. A great advantage is corrosion resistance - and therefore longevity. The material has little wear and tear and is therefore maintenance-free. In addition, the stainless steel material impresses with its high mechanical strength and weldability.

Applications: Slide rails, screws and nuts Connecting parts Support structure for the carousel.



Polyamide, PA 6 Synthetic polyamides have high strength, stiffness and excellent chemical resistance. They also have high wear resistance. PA is characterised by good resistance to weak oils, greases, lubricants and alkalis. PA 6 are cold resistant up to at least -30°C and permanently heat resistant up to a maximum of + 105°C.

Applications: Application connection knots for nets; staves for trampolines, carousels.


Casting rubber

Depending on the application, we use recycled, coloured or solid-coloured EPDM granulate. This allows a variety of design and application options. The granulate is made from rubber, a renewable, natural and recyclable raw material.

Applications: Fall protection edge for the trampoline Seat and foot areas for platforms and rope seats SIPA, seat for merry-go-round.