HBH is an industrial designer and manufacturer company of own-bodyweight - specifically street workout and boulder climbing - sport parks.

HBH was among the first companies in Europe to produce own-bodyweight - specifically street workout - sports equipment and accessories. In 2019 HBH has introduced its new bouldering product for climbers.

HBH is present in more than 20 countries, stretching over 3 continents since 2011.

HBH is a real bottom-up initiative; its founders started as athletes, organized competitions to develop communities and started a business to provide professional equipment to the local community, later branching out into the European market too.

HBH was one of the primary movers on the European street workout market (2011).

HBH’s primary objective is to use cities for sport activities, and to shift indoor sports to outdoor spaces.

HBH products can fit into any dense urban environment, providing the highest sport and community benefits available in any city. Each product is tested, approved and designed in accordance with professional guidance from athletes.

Each product is tested, approved and designed in collaboration with professional athletes including Szilveszter Csollany, world and European champion and gold medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in the artistic gymnastics rings category. The quality and safety of HBH products are attested by TÜV-SÜD certificates according to European standards.



The production of HBH is divided into STREET WORKOUT and URBAN BOULDER structures.


Street workout is the open-air alternative to artistic gymnastics, through totally free-body performances. This sport has its origins in ancient Greece, but has only gained recognition as an official sport in recent years, thanks to a boom in popularity in Russia and some regions of the United States. You may be able to stay based on watching some of the incredible moves of the athletes including the human flag and acrobatic jumps but it is a type of training that lends itself to all ages, all physical levels and all budgets. This discipline, in fact, starts from the idea that to do physical activity you no longer need a gym. It is the city and its urban furnishings that become the ideal place to train.



Bouldering is a climbing activity on natural or artificial boulders without the use of ropes or harnesses. The name comes from the English "boulder", which means a boulder that can have different dimensions and offers climbing walls.

Lacking the classic belay system, crash pads (called crash pads) are used to cushion falls. In the case of an outdoor structure, various anti-trauma solutions can be adopted using natural materials such as bark, sand and gravel, or anti-trauma cast rubber surfaces. The climbing style is based on small sequences of dynamic moves and strength. The very short routes on boulders are generally referred to as "problems". The act of solving a "problem" is also done as training. These short lengths are approached by some as training to increase strength and endurance. Often the "problem" is repeated, even many times, to accustom the body to certain automatisms. The "problems" to be solved are generally less than 4-6 metres in height. Today bouldering is a specific discipline of sport climbing and there are many events that involve both indoor and outdoor competitions. In particular, for the first time bouldering will be part of the Olympic programme of the XXXII Tokyo Olympics in 2021.