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Space for play and movement is becoming increasingly scarce in our cities and municipalities. It is therefore important that play and exercise areas are planned in a timely and appealing manner so that they can be preserved in the long term. They should be planned in a family-friendly manner, meet user requirements and, of course, be safe. Kaiser & Kühne is your contact for leisure equipment with a high quality standard and safety with durable products. Through quality - more enjoyment of the game!



  • clear geometric design
  • coordinated colour combination
  • age-appropriate sizing
  • encouragement to play
  • rounded profiles or rounded edge formation
  • unconditional compliance with all safety requirements and standards

The stresses to which the equipment is subjected in intense, everyday play and under all weather conditions can only be controlled by the careful selection and workmanship of all the materials used, which is why we consistently use durable, durable and recyclable materials such as robinia wood, stainless steel, galvanized steel and HPL panels.

These quality features not only increase safety but at the same time increase the attractiveness of the play area.




is particularly distinguished by its remarkable technical qualities. Its wood is harder than oak, it is tenacious and elastic at the same time. Once seasoned, the wood maintains its properties unchanged, even in the presence of significant variations in humidity. As far as natural resistance against wood-destroying fungi is concerned, robinia is at the apex of the most resistant wood species, it is the only non-tropical wood in the resistance class 1 - 2 according to EN 350-2 . For these reasons, robinia wood is exceptionally suitable for the installation of outdoor playground equipment. The uprights of the structures are made of glulam robinia wood to increase their stability and reduce the risk of cracking as much as possible.


All construction and connection parts of the Kaiser & Kühne modular system are made of stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant qualities of stainless steel are due to the addition of precious metals such as chrome and nickel. Kaiser & Kühne mainly uses an alloy grade classified under the number 1.4301 (AISI 304L). Stainless steel is considered insensitive to corrosion (with the exception of reducing acids and chlorine) and is maintenance-free. For this reason, K&K uses only stainless steel in principle. A production that requires high energy expenditure and high raw material consumption is contrasted with the possibility of recycling the materials produced with percentages approaching 100%.


Flat construction parts such as play tables, panels and roofs are made of HPL. HPL high pressure laminates consist of the forced combination of several layers of special paper, previously immersed in phenolic resins. The outer surfaces are covered with decorative paper impregnated with melamine resins. Through a compression process at high temperatures the materials undergo a modification of their physical-chemical characteristics due to the polycondensation of the resins used. Based on the characteristics listed above, HPL panels can be considered vandal-proof materials. HPL boasts a high impact and scratch resistance, is non-toxic, hardly inflammable and resistant to weathering and mould. Due to its technical qualities, its physical resistance and longevity HPL is a valuable material that is easy to dispose of.



Durable and resistant Robinia wood with high strength / elasticity from sustainable forestry

Durable and weather-resistant stainless steel surface finish (colour) (rust-proof) hot-dip galvanised steel high strength durable and weather resistant surface finish (colour) High Pressure Laminate (HPL) durable and stable colour selection non-toxic, impact resistant .

As part of this culture, we have Your Kaiser & Kühne - TeamK & K is based on a corporate culture based on the creativity and integrity of every single employee. As part of this culture we have a common vision of understanding, support and implementation of successful ideas by all our employees: quality means - more pleasure when you play! Your Kaiser & Kühne – Team


When we design and plan large play areas and towers, we draw on many years of experience, which we have gathered through the implementation of numerous projects at home and abroad. Our towers represent impressive attractions in every play landscape, they are put together individually according to your ideas - our programme leaves nothing to be desired. We design and build our play structures and towers based on years of experience we have gained working on national and international projects. Our towers show an impressive attraction in every playground. K&K products are designed with the aim of maximising pleasure and entertainment. With more design, you will be able to choose the right tower that best suits your needs.

An almost forgotten wood ... Known as high quality, it has however been avoided by carpenters: the wood of the robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia), also known as "false acacia". Because of its extreme hardness and toughness, it is difficult to work and tends to twist. In the past it was only used in mining, for example to support tunnels. After all, robinia wood is more stable than oak! In the meantime, however, robinia is experiencing a renaissance in several areas: even underwater, robinia wood can develop its strengths: as a support structure, it also outperforms oak. Especially in the area of the water surface, where air and water touch and the water is sometimes higher and sometimes lower. Hardly any wood can cope with this changing load: putrefaction agents and animal pests penetrate the wood and destroy the substance. Robinia wood defends itself with its density and special substances incorporated in the wood. - Extremely durable and resistant wood type - Wood from responsible forestry (FSC®) of European origin - Very high strength and elasticity - Higher natural resistance to similar woods

Kaiser & Kühne supplies wood products certified according to FSC® standards. The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-profit organisation committed to the ecological and socially responsible use of our forests. Products with the FSC® label contain wood from responsible sources. The forests have been certified according to FSC® guidelines. Pay attention to FSC® certified products.